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Intergovernmental Organisations

International Monetary Fund testimonial

Eurospan’s Intergovernmental Organisations marketing division combines the publication programmes of international organisations such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, the United Nations and UN-affiliated agencies such as the FAO.

Taken together these publishers are responsible for a significant annual output of new titles on a range of topics of immediate relevance to the academic, professional and library communities, as well as to governmental researchers and educators. Subjects range from development economics to world peace. Product types include: statistical reports and guides, trade books, monographs and student textbooks, available in print, on CD and/or DVD, or as part of a larger online collection.

By association with Eurospan, IGOs are able to transfer the following costs:


  • Costs associated with developing an annual marketing strategy
  • New Title Announcements (NTAs) on all key titles
  • Production of publisher-branded leaflets and catalogues
  • All mail costs (postage/envelopes/enclosing)
  • Monthly e-alerts by subject and by title
  • Branded advertising as appropriate
  • Review copy dispatches to professional journals
  • Professional and academic conference displays
  • The pro rata costs as above of inclusion of relevant titles in Eurospan’s combined subject catalogues (e.g. Politics or Economics)


  • Key account management (wholesalers, library suppliers, bookstores and internet retailers)
  • Bookstore representation
  • All commission/fees
  • Presentation of new titles at seasonal sales conferences
  • Participation in the Amazon Advantage programme (
  • Telemarketing
  • Inspection copy programme for titles with text potential
  • Participation at key international book fairs (e.g. London, Frankfurt, Delhi and Beijing)
  • Registration of all titles within the Nielson Bookdata and PubEasy bibliographic systems
  • Inclusion of new, recent and bestselling backlist titles in Eurospan’s online bookstore


  • Sea and air freight into the UK
  • Stock insurance and all disbursements
  • Warehousing, inventory control and maintenance
  • Costs associated with the establishment of local pricing and bookseller account set-up (discounts, payment terms, etc.)
  • Order processing and customer services
  • Postage and packing on customer orders
  • Cost of reseller discount
  • Sales reporting by title and, if required, by region/customer
  • Credit management and control/cash collection
  • Bad debts

In addition, publishers are assigned to a Eurospan Sales and Marketing Manager dedicated to the IGO division. Regular contact between publisher and Eurospan is encouraged, including feedback on sales and marketing activities completed.

Except in the case of displays at international book fairs - which are re-chargeable at cost - all of the above functions to include many more of lesser significance that are not mentioned here, are paid for by Eurospan, not the client publisher. There are no hidden charges.


  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - FAO
  • International Monetary Fund
  • United Nations Publications
  • World Bank Group Publications


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